7 things that make a powerful coaching website

powerful coaching website

Websites are great marketing tools for coaches and wellness professionals. It serves as your new business card, with so much valuable information on it and can help people reach you. In 2022, having a website to promote your coaching business is a must and a proven way to find new clients.

But did you know it takes only 0.05 seconds for a visitor to make an opinion about your website and determine whether they like it or not, whether they’ll browse further and potentially work with you or just leave?

So don’t just settle for any average website. To use it to its full potential, your website needs to be well-built and powerful. This is what will help you stand out from the competition and reach a broader audience to sell your services.

Ok great, but what is a powerful coaching website? Let’s dive in to analize what I think are the 7 most crucial elements that will make you website legen-wait for it-dary!

1. Strategically address your ideal client

Your website is a powerful tool for you to collect email addresses of potential clients and sell your services or products. This means you have to be very clear whom it is you are targeting (who are your ideal clients and which of their problems are you solving?) Yes, your coaching business brand strategy is at the core of your website’s success.

Now that your audience or coaching niche is crystal clear, make sure you show them the concrete benefits of working with you.

Don’t focus on the features, focus on the benefits. The main focus shouldn’t be on what’s included in your package, but rather on how this will change their life. Identify their problems and offer clear solutions. Show them the cost of not solving their problem and all the good that will come from working on it with you.

Directly address your audience on your website, be genuine, but make sure you are not using too fancy words. Don’t use too long sentences and make sure even a 10 year old would understand what you are writing. Copywriting is a very persuasive tool that can bring you new clients.

2. Optimize the customer journey

The whole structure of your website should be clear and simple. You need to be intentional with every section, every piece of information you are putting out there, in order to lead the visitors where you want. The customer journey must lead them to your goals (downloading your free meditation, buying your 6-week online program, booking a call with you …). Avoid clutter on your website. Present your services, programs, 1:1 or group sessions in an organized way. Showing your clients easy steps and structure will convince them they are about to work with a true professional. So, be strategic, nothing should be random. Your website should be easy to navigate and logical. The important information must be clearly displayed and your visitors must find what they are searching for quickly enough to stay and learn more, leaving you their email address on the way! Work on your website menu to be as logical as possible. You might want to include a drop-down menu to separate options in some cases, like 1:1 coaching or group sessions.

3. Automize to optimize

Your website is your number 1 sales person. It works 24/7, even when you sleep. By adding the proper forms to your website, you will allow your visitors to get information at anytime, without your intervention. You need to automize your website as much a you can, while keeping it human. This is important that your visitors see who is behind and strongly feel your connection. It’s all a matter of finding the adequate balance here. By using the proper forms in different places on your website, you will be able to make the most of it. Make it easy for anybody to contact you or make a purchase on your website. Basically, every coaching website should have the following forms:
  • contact form
  • book a session form / book a call
  • download freebie
Let me give you a few examples: You are a life coach? Create a simple 2-page step-by-step guide to find your life balance (just an example). Offer it for free on your website, in exchange for an email address. A great way to grow your email list with qualified email addresses (only from potential customers). Connect all of these to an email platform and create a strategic email funnel, dedicated to sell one of your program or get them to book a session with you! You have a course or a program you can sell online? Create a sales page and automize the sale. By adding a video of you and a link to contact you on this page, you keep it human and avoid definitive objections.

4. Help visitors take action with CTA buttons

It’s quite simple. People don’t take actions unless you ask them to! Be clear on what it is you expect from your visitor. Buttons are a must to lead your visitor to make a move, whether they get to learn more about your services, subscribe to your mailing list or finalize a purchase … You need to place clear and visible call to actions (CTAs) on your website, otherwise, nothing will happen. Your home page should gather a few well-thought CTAs, but not too many in order not to spoil the user experience. Once again, it’s all about balance.

5. Work on your website’s design

What people see when loading your website is of crucial importance. Indeed, studies showed that “94% of users create their first impression of a website based on web design alone”.

Your website must be 100% aligned with your branding. The colors, the fonts, the images you use must all be coherent with the values you want to project and the vibe and image you want to convey with your business. Colors alone have the power to increase learning and comprehension by 70%.

A well-designed website will be easy to naviguate, as all the easthetic elements will work together to offer a balanced website and the perfect user experience.

And let’s be honnest: Your website is a reflection of your business. Whether it is strong, beautiful and organized or cheap, hard to understand and messy, this is exactly the way people will see you, as a professional. It is tremendously important you use this opportunity to give a positive image of how professional you are and what working with you will look like.

6. Have a blog section

Hosting a blog on your website as a coach is very strategic, and will serve a few goals: Writing blogs regularly will allow you to build authority in your field, share the latest news, drive traffic to your website and then convert visitors into leads and futher on into customers. It will also give you the opportunity to be found on search engines or answer your audience’s most pressing questions once and for all in some cornerstone blog posts. Plus, you can easily repurpose your blog posts in social media materials, so it’s not that time consuming! What you need to do is define your blog categories based on your content pillars. These are the 3 to 5 topics you want to be known for. They should answer a problem your coaching niche (a.k.a. ideal client) has.

7. Be on point with the technical things

A powerful coaching website needs to cover a few technical key points.

  • Your website needs to be responsive. It means your website must look great on all devices (computer, tablet, phone). This is decisive as 57% of consumers wouldn’t recommend a business without a mobile-friendly website and more than 50% of website traffic worldwide came from mobile devices in 2021.
  • Your website needs great SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. According to Hubspot, “it refers to techniques that help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).” SEO allows your website to be more visible to people who are searching for your kind of services or products on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. SEO includes tags, keywords, backlinking … and other techniques. It is an important part of your website’s success.
  • Your website needs optimized loading speed. Considering “83% of visitors expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less”, your website clearly needs to be optimized to provide the fastest loading speed and optimal experience to your visitors. Nothing useless must exist, the structure and coding must be as easy and plain as possible and all images need to be optimized.
  • Your website needs maintenance. Whether we are talking updates, backups, security procedures or fixes when broken, this is needed if you don’t want anything to go wrong! And you better not forget this or do it halfway!

Having an efficient and well-built website can be a game-changer for your business. Thanks to a website, your business gets the proper structure it deserves, it helps you grow your credibility, look professional and reach many more potential clients.

With Febulous Studio, we are building beautiful and powerful websites for coaches and wellness professionals, and we make sure we stick with you for all the technical part once the website is finished … So you are fully covered, and get all the time you need to focus on your business!

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