Thrive with Marina

Holistic Vitality Coach

Why she contacted me …

Marina contacted me to redesign the visual identity for her coaching business. 
With her work, she helps people reconnect with their body, using fitness, spirituality, energy and flow state/neurosciences techniques.
She wanted her new visual identity to represent what she stands for in a strong way.
Her values: strength, connection, compassion, empathy, love, knowledge, simplicity and unicity.
She also wanted the whole part to be connected to her inconditional love of nature and the universe, source of energy.

What she says about my work …

"I had the pleasure to work with Claire on my Branding. It was essential for me to represent my soul business in the right way that aligns with what I am describing, not just in my service but also in my course of living. Claire was straightforward to communicate with and very open to listening and suggesting the best for me. I loved working with her, as it was easy and without any stress. She can sense very easily what you need for your brand, and that was important for me, to work with someone easy-going, generous, kind and working and serving with heart. I am so happy with what we created together, and I can recommend Claire if you want to work with someone who will care about how you want to represent your Business and Brand. Thank you, dear Claire, from my heart."
Marina Savic
Holistic Vitality Coach

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