10 things to stop to master social media as a coach


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These mistakes that hinder your visibility on social media.

Having a content strategy is one of the smart things to do for coaches. It means you will start creating content to put out, on your blog, and on social media … It is a long-term strategy that will not bring huge results straight away, but that will help you build your authority and reputation organically, with a very small budget.

If you don’t have thousands to spend every month on ads, this strategy might be a good one for you.

But there are some silly mistakes you need to stop making right now if you want to master social media as a coach and get results.

Let’s dive into the 10 things that are hindering your social media growth by polluting your content marketing strategy and that you need to stop right now.

1. Stop using all kinds of templates

Templates are amazing. Templates save you a ton of time. You should definitely use templates. But stop using free templates you find on the web that don’t match your brand identity or were created for another industry. When you do this, you lose visual consistency and damage your credibility.
Rather than doing this, invest in a template pack designed for the coaching and wellness industry by a single designer and make sure they follow your brand identity before using them.

2. Stop posting crappy images

How many times have you turned down an offer or stepped out of a shop because it presented badly?

How many times did you believe “oh, this is a great idea, but they don’t look professional at all, I’m not gonna put my money here.”?

As a professional, you have an obligation to present well. Stay genuine, this is deeply important, but demand quality, and from yourself in the first place.

This goes without saying for the images we are using in our communication. If you have the possibility to use professional images and do your own photo-shooting, this is the best. In the opposite case, find images on photo stocks (both free and payable options). My go-to photo stocks are Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay and Haute Stock or Adobe Stock (payable). You can also download here my 80-free-photo selection for coaches and wellness pros.

3. Stop being inconsistent

Consistency has two different meanings here.
You need to make sure you are visually consistent and that you respect your brand identity . Stop using colors depending on your mood and typographies following your latest find, or worst leave the ones that were on the template initially. You need a consistent look so you get recognized.
You also need to be time consistent. Rather than posting on your blog or on social media when you have time (which often you don’t), have a strategy in place, and save some time regularly in your calendar to work on this. This regularity will allow you to gain visibility and build a community.

4. Stop posting without a strategy in place

Progress never comes randomly, it comes when you have a strategy in place.

Prioritizing action over strategy is dangerous, it is like moving blindfolded. Make time for strategy. Do it alone if you are able to, seek some help if you don’t know or don’t have the time, but never underestimate the power of a good strategy. It will allow you to target your ideal clients and make some propositions that will be useful for them.

Check this article to learn how to build your content marketing strategy.

5. Stop retaining information (share value)

Your ideal client has a problem he/she needs to solve. And when they realize the existence of this problem, they will start to search for a solution to solve it.
Two options will arise. – 1. They don’t consider this problem to be that important, or they don’t want to place any money on this subject and will try to solve it alone. Hello DIY! – 2. They will be seeking some level of help and will start searching for the best option.
Your goal is to prove to the second category you are the best option. And this means showing them valuable content that can help them to some extent. You need to show yourself as an authority and a problem solver. Only then can you sell them your coaching program.

6. Stop having no CTA

Each time you post on your blog or on social media, you must have a strategy in mind. Be clear on what you want people to do when reading your content and invite them to do so with a clear CTA (call to action). Whether you want them to download your freebie, join your masterclass, book a call with you or learn more about your new course, state it clearly. Limit the choices in order to get maximum results.

7. Stop posting outside of your content pillars

Define the few pillars that will be part of your strategy. You need to build authority around these. Stop posting about subjects that are cool to you but have nothing to do about your pillars. You need to get known for something and stick to this. People need to recognize you as an expert in some field and come back to you when they need answers about this topic.

8. Stop using irrelevant hashtags

Hashtags can get you discovered on social media. But you have to use the right ones. Stop using hashtags that are so generic they have been used 10 million times. #coaching is BS and will not help you. It was used 30 million times. Do you know how often someone posts with this kind of hashtag? Your posts will simply be buried in the mass. Be smarter, research your hashtags. They should be relevant to your offer and to your target audience. Emphasize a problem your ideal client needs to solve and research the best hashtags to use for coaches that have between 100 000 and 400 000 posts.

9. Stop posting reels that are only trendy

Reels are trendy now, on Tik Tok, and on Instagram. Even if posting trendy reels will help you grow your audience faster, you will end up being liked or followed by people that are not interested in your offers, and this will have a bad influence on your statistics. The algorithm is gonna get lost and push your content to the wrong kinds of persons. This will in no way help your engagement rate and be super counter-productive.

10. Stop posting only because you think it pleases the algorithm. Follow your heart

It is important to keep it all genuine and true to yourself. Sometimes overthinking is the path to burnout and failure. Don’t just choose your types of posts according to what’s popular. Follow your heart and create the content your audience needs to receive from you!

Whether you are already using social media and content marketing as a coach or wellness entrepreneur, this is definitely a strategy you should be serious about.

And to make it work without being too time-consuming for you, have a look at the resources below.

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