Instagram templates

Get noticed, gain followers … Turn them into clients!

Instagram templates

Get noticed, gain followers … Turn them into clients!

Save a ton of time

Get a branded instagram feed

Look more professional

I know as a solo business owner, posting on instagram cannot be your priority. I know when it comes to this part of your business, you can easily get frustrated, already anticipating how much time you will lose … and for which results! Nowadays, as a small business owner, you have to be on instagram. This is the reality! So what about we work together to make this whole process fun and easy for you!

Who is this for exactly?

For entrepreneurs from the wellness industry that

  • feel overwhelmed with their business.
  • need more clients.
  • want to look professional.
  • want to stand out from the competition.
  • increase their visibility.
  • grain credibility.
  • grow their business.

What’s included in the package?

PRICE : 230€ x2

This offer is not fully meeting your needs? Contact me for a personalized offer!

You are interested in getting templates for your social media and you would love to figure out if I could be a good match to carry out your project?

Let’s talk!

Step by step

to the perfect instagram account


Account audit

First things first. I’ll start by analyzing with you your instagram account (if you already have one) to determine what could be improved and where you’d like to take your account.



We will then discuss and agree clearly which templates need to be created in the different categories: posts, stories, carousels or highlights covers.


Templates design

Time to design. I’ll work on a few templates to present to you to get your first feedback and make sure I go in the expected direction, so we can stay visually coherent thoughout the process.



Once all the templates are created, you will get the chance to ask for refinements. 


Canva templates

When the whole creative process will be validated, I’ll make sure to adapt your templates on Canva, so you can very easily created all you need for your instagram account in complete autonomy.



I’ll deliever to you all the Canva templates, together with some Canva templates guidelines. You’ll just have to integrate everything to your account!

Time to show how professional you are with a fresh instagram account.

Let’s talk about your project!

Kind words

from clients

Land the right clients for your business with the perfect colors.

Because each color has its own meaning and 60-90% of people buy something based on the color alone.

Other services

that will help you land your perfect clients

Brand visual identity

A good brand identity will attract you more clients, make you look more professional, and give you credibility and recognition.

Contact us to get the brand identity of your dreams and make your business stand out from the competition!

Custom Website

Your website could be your number one sales person. You don’t have one that you are proud of and that represents you in the best way? 

Don’t be a stranger, we can help! 

Digital / Print Materials

Everything you need for your business. Digital or printable versions!

For your Ebooks, marketing documents, business presentations, coaching documents, or whatever you need branded and professional!