6 limiting beliefs to ditch to grow your coaching business​

Branding and marketing for coaches

Here are 6 common beliefs about branding and marketing for coaches that can hinder your growth as a coach. We’ll also provide valuable insights and strategies to help you break free from these barriers and unlock the true potential of your coaching practice.

10 benefits of having a professional coaching website

10 benefits of a coaching website

Having a coaching website is essential to establish your online presence and grow your coaching business. A coach website is a platform to showcase your coaching services, expertise, and personality. In this digital age, having a website for coach marketing is more important than ever. Here are 10 key benefits of having a website for coaching services.

How to use coaching testimonials to grow your coaching business

How to use clients testimonials to grow your coaching business

Coaching testimonials are a proven way to grow your credibility and the trust of your future clients as a coach.
Reviews are a simple but sure way to differentiate from the competition and impact decision-making.
Transformative coaching reviews can really be a game-changer for your coaching business. I help you come prepared and take full advantage of the power of social proof.

10 things to stop to master social media as a coach


Having a content strategy is one of the smart strategy to adopt for coaches who have a small marketing budget.
But there are some silly mistakes you need to stop making right now if you want to master social media as a coach and get results.

Content marketing for coaches

Why content marketing is a strategy you should seriously consider as a coach or wellness professional to promote your work and grow your business.